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Plastics Age Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 and has published monthly magazine "Plastics Age" which is written in Japanese for plastics industry's professionals.
Plastics Age, monthly magazine
Books for all of plastics industry
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Plastics Age Co., Ltd.
4-3 Yaita Bldg, 6-2 Uchikanda 2-chome,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3256-1951 Fax: +81-3-3256-1954
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Media Data
Circulation of Plastics Age monthly is 29,000 copies.
Readership by Trades
Molding and fabrication 31%
Consuming industries 37%
Raw materials producers 8%
Machinery makers 5%
Overseas 3%
Governmental offices and industrial organizations 7%
Mold makers 6%
Other 7%
Readersthip by Job Tiles
Engineering, production and research 47%
Management 16%
Planning, survey, development 14%
Sales 7%
Material procurement 11%
Other 5%
By trades & By job titles
Ad Rates
Two-Color Ad   Four-Color Ad
*Two-color ad is black and either red or blue.    
Front Ad Section (Front of Book)   Front Ad Section
opposite 2nd cover page 250,000 JPY     1 page 270,000 JPY  
opposite contents page 170,000 JPY          
1 page 110,000 JPY          
2 pages 210,000 JPY          
1/2 page 60,000 JPY          
*Applications for in Special Positions are subject to confirmation by publisher.
Mechanical Data
Trimmed size H288mm x W210mm
Size  Full page H260mm x W180mm
Size  Full page bleed H294mm x W216mm
(Magazine size: H288mm x W210mm)
Size  Double page spread H288mm x W420mm
Size  DPS bleed H294mm x W426mm
Size  Half page H125mm x W180mm
On 20th day of the month before
(e.g. the January issue published on 20th of December of the year before)
On 10th day of the month before issueing month
(e.g. the January issue on November 10th of the year before)
On 15th day of the month before issueing month
2022 Editorial Plan of Feature Articles
January Realizing a Sustainable Society and the Future of Plastics
February Recent Trends in Injection Molding Machinery and Peripherals
March Latest Secondary Processing Technologies (Decorating, Welding, and Laser Processing)
Stretch Blow Molding Technology
April Pursuing Higher Functionality and Performance Through Additives
May Automobiles and Plastics
Latest Testing and Measurement Equipment Technology
June Latest Trends in Extrusion Technology
3D Printing
July Latest Thermoplastic Elastomer Technologies
August Latest Technologies Targeting Automation and Cost Reduction in Molding Shops
Latest CAE Information
September Highly Functional Films, Their Materials, and Market Development
October Practical Properties of Engineering Plastics and Market Development
November Latest Tooling Technologies
Highly Functional Film Testing and Measurement Systems
December Approaches Towards an Eco-Society and Latest Recycling Technologies
Highly-functional PLASTIC EXPO Exhibitor Preview
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